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Describe House Concerts here. Allison and Victor love to play house concerts

House Concerts:

Our music really thrives in intimate venues and so if you have ever considered offering a house concert, we would love to come and play music at your house. And of course the motivating reason to have a concert is what? …..FUN...Yes it is the pure sense of fun and joy in sharing the music you so love with your friends. As musicians, we love the connection the friends we meet through music and the ability to be interactive and up close and personal. It gives the storytellers a chance to wake up.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my house big enough?

Even if you do hot have a big house, you can do a house concert. Twenty to 6o people is enough to do a house concert. After it is about quality not quantity...Another idea is to rent out a venue such as a coffee house or church..if you wish.

Is there a Cost?

No and Yes. While there is no cost to you except for some refreshments you may want to provide, the host generally lets the their friends know that there is a $10 to $20 donation when they invite them. Many house concerts have a sign and a basket at the concert. Also it is appreciated that the host gives a brief spiel asking their guests “support the artist” and then pass the hat.

Can I book your duo, trio, or quartet for my house concert?

Well Yes! We generally travel as a duo but have some occasion to perform as a larger group if nearer to our home in Northern California.

Do I have to provide any equipment?

No. We will provide our own equipment. We will need an electrical outlet.

How do I plan it?

A house concert is fairly low stress. It is meant to be enjoyed…and a fun thing. Once a date and time is agreed upon, you can start inviting your friends via email or facebook or even the telephone. You can invite them to bring a dish or appetizer…or not…. Generally giving people about an ½ hour to an hour to mingle before the concert is nice and then you can invite everyone to take their seats…or pillows…whatever you’ve got. You may also wish to have a brief break in the middle of the concert.

Is this a public event?

No. The event is private and you do all of the inviting. Some people who put on house concerts, list them in the newspaper or on facebook but it is not necessary and completely up to you as it is in your house. We do not let people know unless you would like us to.

What Now?

Just aak! Send us an email at info@allisonandvictor.com and ask us any questions or for a specific date and we can go from there. All inquiries welcome.