Allison Scull & Victor Martin

Acoustic Jazz Soul

Allison Scull and Victor Martin. With Allison on guitar and vocals and Victor on tenor sax, they blend roots music — a fusion of jazz, folk, blues, a little funk, originals and some jazz standards laced with some French lyrics. Allison learned French where she grew up in Belgium while Victor was born and raised in Middletown, Delaware. 

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Allison and Victor photo by Marguerite Lorimer

Allison and Victor photo by Marguerite Lorimer

Allison and Victor

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Dunsmuir couple Allison Scull and Victor Martin always have a date for Valentine's Day. It's one they share with those who attend their annual Feb. 14 concert at Vintage Public House in Redding. Better known in North State music circles as jazz-folk duo “Allison and Victor,” Scull and Martin have spent their 18-year partnership touring up and down the West Coast. They perform year round at concert venues and jazz festivals, including the Oregon Coast Music Festival and Nor Cal Jazz Festival. "The sound we’ve developed is jazz-folk with some worldwide influences including some French and Latin flavors," Scull said. At home, they play at Martin's concert venue, Pop's Performing Arts and Cultural Center in Dunsmuir. Scull and her twin sister Suzanne coordinate Dunsmuir's annual Jazz in the Canyon music series each September. The duo toured in Mexico the past two weeks, but return in time to play Valentine's Day at Vintage Public House, a 5-year Valentine’s Day tradition. Scull and Martin owe their relationship to their love of music, which their parents helped foster. “My mother made do it,” saxophonist and vocalist Martin said of his bumpy start in music in his native Delaware. “I would talk out (of) turn. Mischievous, you know. Maybe she thought music would be a good medicine for me.”” - Jessica Skropanic

Redding Record Searchlight, Redding, California

“ Allison & Victor blend elements of folk, jazz, blues, European and Latin music, all of which translates into a laid-back, tranquil vibe that tends to put people at ease.”” - Jim Dyar

Enjoy Magazine

"I don't think it was just the music, your voices or the lyrics but the special beings behind those things that really touched me. You music is of such good cheer, which I feel is so needed at this time in our world where many are in turmoil. Thank you not just from me but people who may have never even heard your music, Because with just the people you touched at Saturday's event and what you did for them with your love (even if they don't know what you did for them) will go out to others they meet. "” - George Horton, Redding, CA

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